Why Choose TBYC?

We aim to provide a safe, meaningful and affordable youth curling experience.
Structured Program
We offer a structured program designed to develop youth athletes and promote the sport of curling.
Our plans are built strategically to promote youth growth within the sport - beginning at the recreational level and leading into competitive curling!
We believe that all kids should be involved in recreational activities and offered affordable rates for the entire curling season!
Additionally, funding options such as PRO Kids are available to assist any low-income families. For more information, please contact us!
Club Collaboration
We work collectively in our community when it comes to youth curling.
The Fort William and Port Arthur Club collaboration allows us to ensure we are offering the best possible experience for our youth curlers by capitalizing on our collective resources.
Social Impact
We promote an environment that has a positive social experience for our athletes.
Diversity, inclusion, and teamwork are extremely important to us! We strive to ensure all Canadians are provided the same opportunities enjoy the sport of curling!


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